About Us

Paradigm Concepts began publishing Role Playing Games (RPGs) in October of 2000 with a slim 32-page adventure entitled The Spear of the Lohgin. Since then, we’ve published dozens of products from adventures, to sourcebooks to full RPG Core books in multiple lines. The company is run by a small team and is supported by freelancers and a small army of volunteers.

Henry Lopez is the lead writer and line developer for PCI. Creator of Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires, Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, and Rotted Capes. He has written over a million words in published books as well as electronic adventures for the Arcanis Living campaigns.

Jim Beck is PCI’s Art Director and is responsible for making the books published look exciting and stunning. Jim has been leaving his mark upon PCI’s books for almost a decade now and has engaged a number of very talented artists to evoke the wonder of the worlds and adventures published.

Pedro Barrenechea (Pete) is PCI’s official Statmonkey. Pete’s the primary game mechanics designer and has done everything from tweaking the D20 rules to fit the Arcanis world to designing the Arcanis and the Rotted Capes RPGs from scratch.

All inquiries please contact Henry Lopez at PCIHenry@gmail.com.