Rotted Capes

Survivor’s Guide Stretch Goal Funded!

Stretch Goal #1 has been funded!

This means that the Survivor’s Guide will now have more material and art! We’re estimating that the book will now be around the 48 pages in length. The MSRP on the larger book will be $20, meaning that your pledge gives you an instant savings of $5 off retail. Thank you!

Now it’s on to Stretch Goal #2!

We asked you if you preferred to have new threats or small adventures and those that voted preferred new adversaries. So, Stretch Goal #2 is the first of the Threats Dossier series.

Each entry in the series will feature one adversary, which could be a Super-Zombie, a living adversary or perhaps a new type of zombie. The thousand word write up will describe the Threat (including any new powers or abilities it may have) and a couple of adventure hooks to give you a way to insert them into your campaign.

Should we be fortunate enough to get enough of these funded, we’ll bundle them up into a book.

Please keep spreading the word and let’s get another book into your hands!

As always, thank you for your support!

The Night Lord is pleased!